Monday, October 13, 2014

5th Grade Coding - Scratch

Today the students were working on their individual Scratch projects.  Every student in my 2nd hour came with their homework done!  Way to go 2nd hour!

The students that were ready with their homework got some extra assistance  on their project.  In 2nd hour this meant that we were able to actually create a mini game that contained bit of programming that almost all of the students needed to learn to help create their game.  They learned how to code so the program knew when a score had been made, how to keep and show the score, how to create random movement in their project and how to get precise movement as well.  This got them a good start on creating basic games.

With games in mind I wanted to share that has extended their lessons to creating a shareable Flappy Bird game based aps.  Below is a link to a game I created to try it out and the link to where you and your child can go to create their own.  You can share the link through Facebook, Twitter, through a text, or if none of those work for you you can do what I did and copy the web address and email it to someone. Code -Lesson 1

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